The candle, representing our continuous prayer for our loved one’s healing, is available for anyone who wishes to ‘light’ a candle. Just send your request to prayers and include the first name, last initial and a candle will be ‘lit’ on their behalf. Please let us know when the healing takes place so we can remove the candle and leave the name showing ‘HEALED’.

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Logan – healing                                 Jack P. – healing                             Betty S. – healing

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Unspoken Prayers                         2 year old boy – healing               Janet R. – healing

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Joeli F. – healing                               Steve – healing                               Lois L. – healing


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Tony L. – healing                             Rene K. – healing                               Kevin L.. – healing


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Ron B – healing                                John B – healing                             Our children (sick or healthy)


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Evelyn T. – healing                           Shawn W.


H E A L I N G S :

Shirley W. – HEALED 03/02/2016 around 9pm *                Baby Preston – HEALED & with Jesus

Margaret – HEALED 05/11/2016 *                                         Hugh S. – HEALED

Peter – HEALED 05/14/2016 *

* reunited, once again fully healed!